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Rennsteig in State Quater

from Hörschel to Blankenstein


from Hörschel to Neuhaus


from Hörschel to Oberhof


from Oberhof to Neuhaus


from Oberhof to Blankenstein


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Rennsteig in  6 Stages

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The Rennsteig is not "just a path"
But a way through the Thuringian nature, culture and history at the Rennsteig.
The Rennsteig has in his history many functions, he served as a courier path and also as a land frontier between the various small states of Thuringia. Along the Rennsteig are still more than 1300 old landmarks, the oldest dating from the 16th Century.
Princes and generals, acquaintances and unknown, groups and loners have him (or at least a piece of it) traversed. On stony, sometimes spring-loaded, here and there moorigem, piecewise rough times or eventually geteertem ground.




From the middle reaches of the Werra or better from Hörschel (near Eisenach) to the upper reaches of the Saale at Blankenstein pulls the Rennsteig than on the mountain ridge of the Thuringian Forest and the Thuringian slate mountains to the north Franken forest. The Rennsteig Hikers can to 168 km Natural History and experience.
If you opt for a walk along the Rennsteig es decide whether the group, travelling alone or as organized walk, you will see the beauty of the landscape and the hospitality of the people in the adjacent towns delighted.



We have put great Rennsteig walks with or without luggage, as a migratory route or as Rennsteig hike in the state quarters. These packages can be found in a package for the race sidewalk.



We wish you a good "Runst"!

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